Volunteer Application for Weekend Getaways

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You will have the opportunity to Pre-register for Camp Daniel's Holiday Weekend Getaway! This means that you will only need to fill out one application for both programs! We will send you a final registration form to update any information that has changed.

If you have any questions regarding Registration, contact registrar@campdaniel.org.
If you have any technical support questions regarding completing this application, you may email support@campdaniel.org or call (715) 891-0528 between 9am-9pm.

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Who is filling out this Application?

The person filling out the application

The person filling out the application

"Attended" refers to having previously completed an application to attend summer camp or weekend getaway.

Special permission is required from Camp Administration to sign up as a volunteer under the age of 14. Click to contact Registrar to Make a Request.

Current Address

Background Check Information
We preform background checks on all volunteers and staff. This is in accordance with Wisconsin Statute 97.67 ATCP 78.01.

Required for processing background check.

Minor traffic violation do not count.

Please describe the nature of the crime, in what state it occurred, give a brief summary, and describe the penalty imposed, and time periods of the penalty. Please be thorough, as we will be conducting a background check.
Parent Information

Emergency Contact

Health Insurance
It is our policy to have this information on file in case of an emergency.

Applicant's Name unless under parent or guardian's policy

"Claim number", "ID Number", "Member Number"

Usually for Private or Employer insurance plans only
Personal Reference

Pastoral Reference

Employer Information

Church Information

Please list the ministries you are involved in.
Medical Information

Lifting, running, etc. or None

Limited number of Bottom bunks available.


Mental Health/Mental Illness

Upon check-in, all volunteers must turn in their over the counter medications, prescription medications and vitamins to the camp nurse.  They will be secured at the health center and you will have 24 hour access. No medications are allowed in the cabins.

Include name of prescription and a general reason you take it.

Volunteer Questions

Be specific...we love name dropping!

Although experience is not necessary, please tell us about any experience you have had with persons with disabilities.

Camp Daniel Sibs
Camp Daniel is starting a Sibs Program! Offering siblings a lifelong community where they can support each other and grow together. Providing opportunities to share their story, hear from other sibs, and have FUN! Find out more info! 

If you are an adult or teen, come as a volunteer. If you are a kid, come as a camper!
Sibs Summer Getaway: August 7-10, 2024
Talents That You Are Willing To Use

Group Info

Note: All members of group should use the same Group name (Case and spelling matter).

Program Registration

Note: Only men can be counselors for Man Camp, and only women can be counselors for Girls WKND.

Holiday Weekend Getaway is FULL for Female Volunteers.

Holiday Weekend Getaway is Closed.

Man Camp Weekend Getaway is Closed.

Girls Weekend Getaway is Closed.

What more information about Weekend Getaways? Visit https://campdaniel.org/volunteer/getaways/
Support Crew Info

Worker responsibilities are not limited to this list. Cannot guarantee a spot in checked areas.

Shirt Size

Size information helps us stock merchandise with the appropriate sizes in the Trading Post gift shop.

Applications submitted after application deadline - We cannot guarantee your preferred shirt size, because of our ordering deadline.

Mail in Check
Mail in the check to: Camp Daniel W10541 Army Lane, Athelstane, WI 54104

Enter your desired amount.

Above is the suggested amount based on cost per weekend.
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Policies Applicable to Volunteers
  • Applications: Volunteers applications are available to individuals at least 18 years old for counselors, support crew, kitchen staff, and nurses. Volunteer application are also available to individuals between 14-17 years old for counselors-in-training and support crew-in-training. Completed applications should be submitted 30 days prior to the first program session (or disclosed application deadline), but applications submitted after deadline will be reviewed. Campers are accepted based on commitments made by volunteers.
  • Commitment: All Counselors are required to attend the entire duration of the program session applied for. Counselors shall be active with their camper(s). All volunteers are required to attend chapel services. No volunteers shall leave the campground without permission.
  • Training & Camper Safety: All volunteers will participate in training orientation prior to the arrival of campers. Volunteers shall observe the "Two Person Rule" at all times so that no volunteer is ever alone with a camper.
  • Medications: Upon check-in, all volunteers must turn in their over the counter medications, prescription medications and vitamins to the camp nurse.  They will be secured at the nurse’s station and volunteers will have 24 hour access. No medications are allowed in the cabins.
  • Acceptance: The Acceptance Process begins with a completed application and will include a background check on all volunteers & staff to ensure the safety of all camp participants. An email will be sent 30 days prior to the first program session (or as soon as possible) confirming which camp sessions applicant is accepted or denied for.
  • Dismissal: If the applicant is sent home for medical or disciplinary reason, an emergency contact must be available during the week and is responsible for transportation home within 12 hours of notification. Any behaviors, which endanger others or are disruptive to the camp, are grounds for non-acceptance to camp or immediate dismissal from camp.
  • Cost of Camp:  All other volunteers may donate to cover the cost of camp.
  • Lost Items: Camp Daniel is not responsible for lost or stolen articles.
  • Prohibited Items: No vape, CBD, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, firearms, or knives allowed on the grounds. Food and drink items are not allowed in the cabins.
  • Dress Code: No crop tops, spaghetti straps, or short shorts. Any leggings must be worn with a shirt that covers butt. Any two-piece swimsuit must cover stomach, or be worn with a dark shirt. No speedos allowed.
Terms and Conditions
  • All the information provided on this application is accurate and true and I agree to all the conditions contained in this application.
  • I agree to the above mentioned camp policies and acceptance policies.
  • I understand that a camper will be accepted to camp based on the dates I committed to on this application, and that, should I not fulfill this commitment, that a camper will not be able to attend camp.
  • My signature authorizes the release of my criminal records and that my Social Security number will be used for a background check.
  • I understand that if I am involved in any misconduct and/or negligence, and such misconduct results in a lawsuit, I will represent myself. I shall indemnify Camp Daniel and hold them harmless from and against any liability for such misconduct and/or negligence.
  • I understand precaution is taken to safeguard the health and safety of the applicant under Camp Daniel's supervision. I waive, release and discharge any and all claims for damages of death, personal injury or property loss which I, or the applicant named on this form, may have as a result of participation in Camp Daniel activities.
  • I hereby give permission to the medical personnel selected by the camp director to administer first aid, and to order routine tests and treatments. In case of medical emergency, I understand that every effort will be made to contact the applicant’s emergency contact(s). In the event that anyone cannot be reached, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the camp director to hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and to order injection and/or anesthesia and/or surgery for the applicant named on this form. I understand that I am responsible for all medical related expenses, including those for prescription drugs and over the counter medications.
  • I hereby grant Camp Daniel authorization to use applicant's name, image and likeness, and sound and video recordings for promotional purposes and in social media.
  • I, the undersigned, hereby acknowledge that I have read the foregoing, understand its content, give permission of the applicant to attend summer camp at Camp Daniel and have signed the same as my own free act and deed.